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ITQwest Helps you Manage your Business More Effectively To Achieve Better Results On Demand.

The Challenge

Operational efficiency is often a big challenge for small and medium businesses for several reasons. Processes are often informal and knowledge of them is stored primarily in people's heads. Information may be scattered across computers and among employees.

Traditional on-premise license based business applications are often too complex, too costly, time-consuming and resource-intensive for most small and medium businesses to deploy and manage. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), also known as On Demand software, is a new model that delivers business applications over the Internet through subscription to a service. You sign up to a service and you pay-as-you-go. This delivery model avoids the need for high upfront cost for hardware and software, much less the wait for its implementation and deployment.

Integration of processes and information through On Demand business application solution offers small and medium businesses a fairly fast and cost-effective way to meet this challenge. Web technology now enables small and medium businesses (SMBs) to have integrated business systems working in real time. They are cost-effective, collaborative, and make it possible to focus on key business operations. The ability to integrate systems and derive more and better information from them can make companies more agile. Integrated information can translate directly into operational efficiency, which then creates competitive advantage.

A Radically Different IT Company

ITQwest is an IT consulting and service provider delivering quick, easy and affordable web-based business solutions to help small and medium businesses better manage their financial information, enhance their customers’ experience, empower their employees, and collaborate effectively with their partners, anywhere, anytime. We help our clients achieve better Results On Demand without the need of complex IT infrastructure. We do that through consulting, implementation, integration and support services for On Demand applications Software as a Service.

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ITQwest Delivers Business Application Solutions Without the IT Headache

Small and medium businesses require cost-effective solutions that can be implemented quickly to meet their needs as their business grows while removing the IT complexity. ITQwest On Demand solutions do not require complex IT infrastructure to maintain, IT software to install or upgrade, specialized IT resources, high upfront IT investment, or long IT deployment time. Our solutions are:

  • Affordable,
  • Quick to deploy,
  • Easy to use,
  • Simple to access, anywhere, anytime.

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