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Our Approach

The ITQwest way Seek-Solve-Sustain

Matching Clients’ Needs with On Demand Business Solutions

Large business solutions stripped down to fit smaller budgets cannot offer the value of solutions designed specifically to meet the needs of small or growing businesses. ITQwest can match our clients business needs with On Demand Solutions that increases efficiency and help them grow. As a long-term On Demand Solution partner, we can respond quickly to our clients’ evolving business needs. ITQwest helps small and medium businesses solve their most challenging business problems to improve their business performance and deliver Results On Demand.

On Demand business solutions can be invaluable to small and medium businesses to reduce the time required to manage operations and improve the effectiveness of business development and sales activities. Small and medium businesses require On Demand solutions that fit their unique requirements —solutions that deliver more information services to more customers, save costs and time, improve data access, increase security, and meet user needs within each client's unique environment.

Business-driven Approach to Solving our Clients challenges

ITQwest takes a business-driven approach to identify business challenges and implement, manage and support the right On Demand business application solutions to meet those challenges. It's about listening and seeking a clear understanding of how your business processes work, and finding what's right for your business. ITQwest solutions are based on an understanding of the client's business as well as a wide range of experience in delivering practical On Demand solutions.

  • We focus on business challenges that drive effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity, where our client's operations have excess costs, excess capital, too much time in processes and too many breakdowns.
  • We agree with our clients on what business results they want to achieve, and align business application initiatives with the business objectives.
  • We manage both processes and applications in the change.

Seek- Solve-Sustain to Deliver Results On Demand

Our approach starts with an understanding of where our clients are today and where they would like to be. ITQwest will:

  • Seek opportunity for business process improvement through consulting services,
  • Solve business challenges to capitalize on the opportunity through On Demand business solutions,
  • Sustain business process improvements through customer success and support services.

SEEK by Listening to our Clients

  • Analyze the day-to-day operation of the business: Current state business process.
  • Identify the business problem: Interview and brainstorming with key process owners.
  • Define the opportunity to positively impact the business .

Solve by Collaborating with our Clients

  • Evaluate the business effectiveness of the solution: quantify the expected impact.
  • Propose, integrate and implement the solution.
  • Deliver actual business values as agreed.

Sustain by Delivering Sustainable Results for our Clients

  • Measure the business effectiveness of the solution.
  • Manage and support the solution.
  • Ensure success through continuous improvement of the business.

ITQwest can deliver business results on demand, Contact us today.